201 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

2:00PM - 3:00PM

Curator: Delilah Snell

Theme: Preserve Lemons and Sauerkraut (Workshop)

Session Details: Easy and affordable food preservation techniques: Preserve Lemons and Sauerkraut. Join author and former Master Preserver Delilah Snell in a demonstration of two easy and affordable preservation techniques. Take inexpensive ingredients and transform them into delicious and healthy condiments while learning about fermentation and salt-curing. Delilah will also discuss other preservation methods, show equipment and answer questions. Small tasting sample included. Her book will also be available for sale. Order my book: Beginner’s Guide to Preserving Alta Baja Market Market + cafe celebrating the flavors above and below the US//MX border Santa Ana, California

Delilah Snell

Delilah Snell, owner of Alta Baja Market became a Master Preserver in 2009 and has been lecturing and teaching food preservation for several years. Many of her recipes you have probably enjoyed at Alta Baja!

Well now you can learn all of the basics of food preservation in her food dedicated to all methods of food preservation so that you can enjoy making food projects at home! This book makes an excellent gift and is perfect for the home cook, chef, gardener, crafter, food curious or anyone wanting to make food last longer safely.

3:00PM - 4:00PM

Curator: Marlita Hill

Theme: Defining Your Creative Niche

Session Details: Defining Your Creative Niche. Marlita Hill draws from her work as an artist, author, and educator to walk you through simple steps to define your creative niche and ideal audience for your art. This workshop will help you find the clarity you need to shape and chart the course of your work, as well as the language you need to share your creative ideas with others.

Marlita Hill

Marlita Hill is a multi-published author, choreographer, and educator. Through her program, Niche Nailers, Hill helps emerging thought leaders prepare for the business of sharing their ideas. Her forthcoming revised book, Nail that Niche, and accompanying course lead artists and authors in obtaining clarity about their niche, ideas, and audience so they can build their work their way.