Blue Lot

Bush Ave and First St,  Santa Ana,CA  92701

3:00PM - 10:00PM

Curator: Ruben Salazar
Theme: Blue Lot Mural Slam

Session Details: Teaming up with exchange muralist from Mexico Adriana Delphin being hosted at Grand Central Arts Center for two weeks. With our featured visiting, international, exchange muralist The Blue Lot will host an all-star line up of top homegrown, state and local regional area graffiti artists including local artist Jonathan Martinez, local artist Regional artist Zak Perez, Alepsis, SAUSD Jonathan Martinez, Fernando Oliveras who will come out to paint alongside exchange artist Adriana Delphin and display their work in the Blue Lot and donate their time to this amazing platform. Our vision is to raise awareness of the street art as a means to community expression through this premier mural slam which will be a unique once a year event dedicated to cultural art. This will be the only location of its kind to cater to these talented muralists. Feb 21-Mar 7.

ZAK PEREZ (Muralist)

Zak Perez is on a mission to bring his transformational art to the world, delivering frequencies of love and peace through his artwork. Perez hallmarked a unique style, which emerged from his own inner spiritual transformation, by blending his original poetry into visual art with a striking calligraphy style that delivers his message of peace and love directly to the subconscious via subliminal imagery.


Perez’s body of work also consists of complex, multi-layered portraits of inspirational figures juxtaposed against newspaper clippings of jarring current events, in which Perez invites the viewer to reflect on what it may look like to create a more kind world in the face of our current reality or violence, tragedy, and apathy. 


Perez’s most recent work brings his signature style and healing message to the arena of public art via murals that serve to spread the message of love and peace even further.

Jonathan Martinez (Muralist)

Jonathan Martinez known as “Art of Endangered,” Jonathan Martinez’ artistic journey began ten years ago and since that time, he has stayed true to what has become his signature style: vibrant colors that seem to move, envelop and uplift the beauty of the wildlife he paints.Dedicated to painting wildlife exclusively, with every piece, Jonathan celebrates the natural world as he also calls on us, to protect it. paints in a variety of mediums.From small acrylic paintings and mixed- media drawings, to large-scale spray- painted murals. Notable collaborations include partnerships with the City of Santa Ana, the Santa Ana Unified School District, the United Way and very special team-ups with the National Wildlife Federation and General Pencil Company. In 2020, Martinez kicked-off a long-term, creative collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation.One aspect of the team-up resulted in a very special mural dedicated to inner-city students, teachers and families. Jonathan’s mural at Esperanza Elementary was featured by major media outlets including a front-page story in the OC Register Arts section.

Adriana Delfin (Muralist)

Alepsis Hernandez (Muralist)

Fernando Olivare (Muralist)

Matilda Vision (Muralist)

Jim Vision (Muralist)