2022 Boca de Oro Festival

Literary Arts & Culture

Sixth Annual #BOCADEORO 2022 Festival Returns... March 5th

Santa Ana, California



Now reviewing proposals for Boca de Oro Festival of Literary Arts & Culture 2022.

Submit your proposal by December 1, 2021.

Mark your calendar!

March 4-6th 2022 when the city of Santa Ana hosts the largest annual literature and arts festival in Orange County. Boca de Oro Festival celebrates all literary forms, performing and cultural arts. Festival participants invited are professional and established poets, authors, dancers, and musicians from all over Orange County and beyond! The festival serves as a fully immersive experience in the Santa Ana Arts District with festival sessions curated in and around the many historic buildings that are unique to the area. You won’t want to miss this event! And you should not miss it because… WE WANT YOU!

We would like to invite you in and Open Call to participate as an

Author, Artist, or Volunteer

Curator in # BOCADEORO 2022!

Have you been published recently or know someone who has? Is there an passionate and unique topic that you’d love to speak on or hear more about from experts in the field? Yes, we have heard and know about you! Now we’re out to get your amazing talent here!


you may produce and arrange any combination of literary cultural arts resulting in a…

1) Festival Workshop based on literary arts. Written, performance, and/or culturally based lasting approx 1hr & 30min;

2) Festival Session. Individual author or panel discussion, and/or artistic showcase (group or individual) lasting approx 1hr & 15min.

Curators are assigned venue space in Downtown Santa Ana, and festival time slot in which to bring their visions to fruition. Yes, Curators may participate in their own production. (modest stipend offering are given to assist)*


you may participate as an individual or within a group for any workshop, author session, panel, or performance showcase produced by a curator. If you wish to be the featured author/artist within any festival activities but can not commit to complete curation of the session, please let us know. Additional Curators may be available to assist with production of the envisioned session.

  • The heart of Downtown Santa Ana’s Art District will overflow with:
  • Challenging, insightful, and fun literary workshops
  • Engaging panelists discussing various perspectives, opinions, and sharing knowledge on thought provoking topics
  • Children’s & Young Adult Lit sessions for budding artists
  • Live music & dance on stages throughout Downtown Santa Ana
  • Talented performance showcases featuring Poets & Artists from all categories of literary and cultural arts

And so many more performances, exhibits and classes for all to enjoy!

#BOCADEORO 2021 was our first virtual online festival, …

Our team and all the organizers, curators and visual and performing art performers did an amazing job of pivoting in a two month time frame to a digital event and by all accounts, it was another successful presentation of the resilience of our vibrant literature & arts in Orange County. It also further solidified Boca de Oro as one of Southern California’s most unique and imaginative showcases of Artistic excellence from all backgrounds. We hope you will consider and ultimately make the joyous decision of joining us again as we go back to our LIVE FORMAT on March 4th, 5th, 6th 2022 for the Boca De Oro Festival of Literary Arts & Culture!!!

BOCA DE ORO 2022 : Curator Information

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please, take a moment to fill out the following BOFLAC Curator/Author form. Filling this out helps preplan to the best of our abilities the layout, flow, and curation needs of the entire festival.

You may respond with desire to participate in festival ASAP, and return this form sometime afterward. Eventually, we will come-a-callin’ for this form in regards to your splendid vision and participation!

For Any Questions Contact:

Boca Festival Organizer
(714) 815-2653