325 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701

1:00PM - 5:30PM

Curator: SAUSD Team Members
Title: Plaza Calle Cuatro: Plaza of Dancing Brushes

Session Description: The Plaza Calle Cuatro is transformed as hundreds of student dancers, musicians and visual artists converge to perform and engage the community through multiple art forms.   Be prepared to move and shake when you visit this part of the festival. Enjoy a variety of experiences from Ballet Folklorico and Mariachi music performances, to snippets of the musical Grease, to Polynesian cultural dance, and exhibits from our award winning dance teams. Experience, a “mixed tape” of music, dance, and theater that appeals to everyone.


1:00 Carr Intermediate Mariachi & Drum Line

1:30-2:00 SAUSD Polynesian Dance

2:00-2:30 Godinez, Valley, SAHS Dance

2:30 Santa Ana High Dance, Heninger Intermediate & Santa Ana High Ballet Folklórico

3:30 Santa Ana High Vocal

4:00 Segerstrom High Vocal

4:30 Romero-Cruz Intermediate Vocal

5:00 Godinez High Musical Theater

6:00PM - 7:00PM

Curator: Maricela Vela

Session Description: In this workshop we will explain the elements of Latin Music. Example: Where Salsa and Jazz were taking place for the first time in the U.S.A. What the most prominent musical instruments are in Salsa. We will explain why Salsa music was one of the first types of art to entertain the Latin community in New York and the rest of  Latino’s in the U.S.A. Finally, why youth  should learn any type of Latin genre such as Salsa, Cumbia, Cha-cha-cha, Mariachi etc. 

Gilberto Torres

Gilberto was born in Caracas, Venezuela where he performed with the Simón Bolívar Youth Symphony Orchestra (El Sistema). Later, he moved to Cologne, Germany to study music and that is where he formed his Big Band Latin Jazz group called Guapacha which toured all over Europe. Gilberto has toured all over Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Köln, Krefeld, Künzelsauer, Leverkusen, Munich, Selm, Uhlhof) performing Jazz and Latin music. He also worked closely with a German entertainment company called Alba Kultur Aktion and had the opportunity to tour and perform internationally in places such as: Amsterdam-Holland, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Cuba. 

In 1995, he moved to the United States where he continues to work as a professional flute player, vocalist, composer, arranger, producer, and teacher. He holds a double Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance and Music education, and a Master in Music education from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University of Long Beach. Gilberto has also participated in the Latin American Festival in downtown Long Beach, CA where he premiered his Latin Jazz Big Band Guapacha (in the United States) and released their new CD in the USA called “Something Different.” He also owns his own entertainment/production company called Guapacha Productions which represents Guapacha (Big Band Latin Jazz/Salsa Group consisting of 13 members), Now Giltower is working over his new project call Gil Tower and the LA Latin jazz fusion Project, and he also produces music for film, T.V., and jingles. He is currently working on combining his extensive knowledge of Latin music with the knowledge he acquired in Brazilian music while studying with professional musicians in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador-Bahia, and Recife (Brazil) in his upcoming CD. 


Some of the musicians Gilberto has had the pleasure of performing with include: Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Dr. Dre, Poncho Sanchez, Banda Brothers, Thalia, Alvaro Torres, Luis Enrique, Justo Almario, Angela Carrasco, Jose Maria Napoleon, Alex Acuña, Cachao, Grupo Tolu, Luis Conte, Arturo Sandoval, Max Roach, Rudy Regalado, John Calloway, Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, Rob Curto, Carlos Oliveira, Edu Ribeiro, Marcos Silva, Michael Spiro, Mark Lamson, Miguel Hernandez, Ray Carrion, The Band Europa, and many other professional artists. Gilberto has recorded about 20 CD’s of his own compositions.

Carlos Ordiano

Carlos Ordiano is a pianist-arranger-composer. Carlos has worked with A diversity of artists on several projects for more than 20 years, and without Carlos’ fresh approach, innovative stylings, and authentic re- creations, the projects he is involved with would not receive the extraordinary reception they have received today.

Carlos Cuba

Carlos Cuba is a Cuban born. He was raised in Havana, Cuba and has been on the international Music scene since 2004 participating in tours and teaching at different Music schools, participating also in Jazz Festivals and events like Jazz Plaza, Jojazz, La fiesta del Tambor. Carlitos has played in Cubua, Venezuela (Caracas), Mexico, Guadalupe Isliant ( Pointe-a-Pitre), etc. Throughout his career Carlitos has played various genres like Pop, Funk, Jazz, Salsa, Latin Jazz, Rock, and has also recorded albums and toured with Famous Cuban artists like Latin Grammy Winner , Pablo Milanes, Buena Fe, and Grammy Nominated Chuchito Valdes. Lynn Milanes, Giraldo Piloto & Klimax, Tania Pntoja, Leonis Torres and many more amazing artists. Carlitos has been residing in Los Angeles, California since 2011 and plays with the artists Andy Garcia & Cineson All Stars, Strunz & Farah, Barbara Padilla, David Longoria, Chuchito Valdes, Phillip Brandon, Phill n’ Nem, Bee Uyen & Berkley Jazz Band, among other various artist. Carlitos has performed on talk shows on Miami’s Mega TV , Telemundo52, Vietface TV channel and PBS TV.

Carlitos Arias

Carlitos Arias is a JAZZ, POP & LATIN, DRUMS & PERCUSSION Musician he has been touring with Juan Gabriel - 2008-2013 , Gloria Trevi 2015 tourCarlitos played in United States with Joe Bataan, Phil Robinson, Rudy Regalado, Soul Sacrifice, Musical Director of Angel Lelbron Salsa Orchestra, La Tribu, La Picante, Bomba Mix, La Sirena,Conjunto Oye, Cheo Feliciano, Sammy Gonzalez, Andy Montanez, Anthony Cruz, Nino Segarra, Yolandita Rivera, La India, Laura Pausini, Luis Ponci, Thalia, Jimmy Bosch, Marisela,Jeneen Puente, Tabaco & Ron, Sonora dinamita, Sonora Show, Son Mayor, Opa Opa, Yari More, Ritmo Caliente, Gilberto Torres(Gil Tower), Candi Sosa, Festivo, Rumbale, Soul Sacrifice (Santana Tribute), Tamboo, Tito Gomez, Luisito Carrión, Willie Gonzalez, Roberto Roena, Richie Ray, Puerto Rican Power... Also in Los Angeles, Carlos recorded and performed with smooth jazz artist Jessie Allen Cooper and percussionist Steve Reed (Rippingtons). ! As a drummer, Carlos Arias has performed live with Chick Corea, Maxine Nightingale,Gayle Moran, John Novello, Gloria Rusch, and the Society of Composers, Luz, Alesa Comtock,Jesse Allen Cooper, Thania Sanz, Daniel Castillo, Marji Arias, Che y Su Barrio Latino and Jeannie Diva. During the 80’s and 90’s Carlos was the drummer for the following Latin and Jazz bands in Venezuela: Ilan Chester, Alfredo Naranjo, Victor Cuica, Maria Rivas, Nanci Toro, Esperanza Marquez, Grupo Bamboo, Jose Luis Rodriguez (“El Puma”), Mirla Castellanos, Aquiles Baez y Su Plata Banda, Domingo Sanchez Bor and Jarana. Drummer for Eddie Samson Jazz Trio, Aruba, Netherlands Antilles